28' x 50' Rigid-Lock Support Double Frac Tank Berm

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Dimensions - 28'-x 50'
Capacity - 10,472 gallons
Weight - 422 lbs.
Wall Supports - Rigid-Lock Support
Berm Material - Flexible, durable PVC coated geomembrane liner with good chemical resistance for contact with hydrocarbons and fuels

One Piece - No Assembly - No Parts to Lose

The Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® is the best-selling spill berm on the market, setting the bar for ease of use, durability and time to deploy/stow. The Rigid-Lock is a single piece construction and requires no assembly. Pulling up on the wall secures it the upright position. When ready the user can simply push the outer walls inward to unlock the supports and enable vehicles to drive over the berm from any angle.

Ground protection also available to extend the service life of the berm.