10' x 50' Angle Bracket Frac Tank Berm

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Dimensions - 10'-x 50'
Capacity - 3,780 gallons
Weight - 235 lbs.
Wall Supports - Wire Form Angle Brackets
Berm Material - Flexible, durable PVC coated geomembrane liner with good chemical resistance for contact with hydrocarbons and fuels

Just unfold the Angle Bracket QuickBerm® and insert the in-wall angle iron supports. It’s just that easy to manage a fuel spill!  Once constructed the Angle Bracket QuickBerm® provides a clean perimeter with no triangulated wall brace supports in the way.  The Angle Bracket QuickBerm® is an economical way to address spill containment.  Best for applications that don’t require a lot of movement in and out of the spill berm.

Ground protection also available to extend the service life of the berm.